Monday, November 24, 2008

A Hint of Hillcrest

Welcome to the Gay-borhood! This is Hillcrest, or at least a cross section of it, only about two blocks from my beloved friends' apartment (Lindsey, Annie, Tina, Rowan, and Christy's) lay this glorious area where vintage boutiques, bookstores, and restaurants divine are situated. Hillcrest is the GLBT, technicolor paradise of San Diego as this is where there's a high concentration of gay/lesbian residents. There's so much more to this neighborhood, but this is the little corner I explored one Sunday afternoon when the sun was just perfect.

One of the more high-brow vintage stores in San Diego, you can't believe the fantastic couture and bygone fashions behind this fabulously Spanish-themed window display. I just about bought four hats, but remarkably, I was able to refrain (I only own about six vintage hats I never wear already, eek!).

Bluestocking Books is a used and new book store with fabulous tongue-in-cheek gifts, feminist flair, and piles of great lit. As a used bookstore epicure, I give this one five out of five for meeting the following requirements: musty but not bad book smell, creative lighting, wooden floors, mismatched book shelves, and (my personal favorite which I haven't seen elsewhere) rescued and repurposed art prints!

Mural on the side of an elementary school that I enjoyed.