Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks to the Cake Wreckorater

One more, one more; this one was just too good not to post. I about died laughing. Thanks!

We really do love you, Freymoto.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Better in Buttercream

Last year I brought you all cakes from a contest held next door to my apartment, this year, right in time for Valentine's Day, I bring you cake wrecks.
I have discovered the most magnificent blog ever: Cake Wrecks. It's a blog all about cake disasters, almost all of them professional cakes. Here are my absolute favorites (I thought I was going to fall out of my chair laughing).

First, let's take a moment for the typo cakes:

Yes. Happy Valentenis Day everyone.

Then just a few bonus gems:

There are no words.

Look Ma! A precious hunting wedding cake for my sister, I mean, for my wife and me! Shucks, thems deers sure are sweet (Ben, I'm thinking of you and our summer of Cabela's-inspired greeting card line we created).

Laura, this one's for you—no one can carry a child into this world with more love and devotion than Vader.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simon says, "Remember When?"

Remember when this was your favorite game in the '80s? Me neither, but I remember detesting it b/c my brother kicked my butt every time I attempted to play. Now that I'm all grown up I'm loving it and wondering where my mom put our awesome old toys. The highest I've gotten so far is 12, and I my hands were sweating a lot.

Simon made by Neave Games

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Heart Leaps

I owe this post to my friends and loved ones. In the last year, "my people" as I term you all have tirelessly issued encouragement and patient words of wisdom to me during my year-long season of starting from scratch with God. Indefatigable ears have listened to my angry tirades, dejected whining, and tear-filled frustrations. I can't thank you all enough for your support, God speaks through you and I am validated, in part, by the excellent people I know who still accept me in all my messiness.

So in short, I guess I'm saying that I'm back. I am in God's Word and I can't believe how much I missed these stories. My friend Laura Karlin is someone who breathes life into scripture, brings its context to the 21st century, and reminds me how rock awesome God's narrative is. Thank you, friend. It is truly a living Word.

I've been praying more, I still don't hear God like I did when I was young, but I will wait and I will try to be better about listening for him. I have seen small miracles through prayer recently and I am gonna go ask for some more of those, they're amazing!
Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10

I've decided to "put both feet down" in San Diego for now. I am going to try to live more presently and accept this as my home for a while. I will be slightly less available to those back at home, but know that my phone is always on (literally) and all of you are in my prayers. I miss you more than I can say.

I am in a growth group training so I might lead a Bible study in the not-so-distant future and I'm asking God what His will would be for that because I know if it were up to me, I'd sit back and be a participant in a Bible study, not a leader.

I think God's been trying to draw me near to Him all this time, I fought His mighty embrace but He just kept hanging on to me! I finally submitted at first, with bitterness, but gradually I'm beginning to receive His closeness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, encouragement, and example.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Love Me Some Sci-Fi

One of the things that makes life worth living: reading a book that's so good that you want to sing its praises from a high tower, such is The Book Thief. I'm still working through it and it's going slowly yet quickly, slow enough to savor with Harry Potter-esque momentum. I almost skipped work to read it (I've never skipped work yet after more than a year, I'm overdue), problematic.

NOTE: If you don't care at all about science fiction, you can stop reading now (bye Alison and Heather!)

As has been my tradition since my mother's unit on science fiction—which she taught in the spring—I'm gearing up to cram my spring sci-fi reads. Also, I used this genre as, what I realize now, an escape mechanism after my grandmother passed away a few years back. I think I read almost 25 books in a matter of months, can't say I'm unproductive in grief!

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for what I should read, I'd love to have them. On my list of hopefuls: another Asimov (probably one of his collections of short stories), The Enders Game, A Brave New World (I'm beyond excited to read this), Dune, Stranger in a Strange Land, 1984. I'm stoked (I can legally say that now that I've been a SoCal girl for a while now).