Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Postcard Project: Update #4

There have been 39 postcards sent (only 11 left!) and 68 days to go.

Lately, I've been contemplating doubling the number of postcards I send out. Could I send 100 postcards instead of 50? It would still have to be one postcard per acquaintance so I'd have to think of a lot more people to send to or receive more requests.

Let me know if you would like one at meg.m.schudel@gmail.com or in the comments below.

NEXT PROJECT: No hints yet other than to say it will be more intense than The Postcard Project. I am taking suggestions.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Postcard Project: Update #3

THE GOAL—Send 50 cards in 100 days to 50 different people
THE DEADLINE—June 6, 2011
THE PROGRESS—32 cards sent with 72 days to go
TOTAL COST—$14.00, I'm not counting cost of postcards originally because when something sits in your closet and goes to waste it loses its value. I bought the box of cards I'm using when I was in high school and for the 20 I prematurely sent and had to subsequently resend, I'm using a couple books of postcards I received as gifts. So the $14 comes from postage only.
HOW DO I GET ONE?—Simple, let me know you want one at meg.m.schudel@gmail.com or in the comments below

Rachel and Kelli, thanks a lot for reading and for your requests, you'll be receiving your cards sometime in the next week.

NEXT PROJECT: No hints yet other than to say it will be more intense than The Postcard Project. If you have any ideas for a project, I'm very impressionable and will probably be inclined to listen then act on any submission you might have.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Songs

I had some help finding some good music for spring this week and was introduced to the following gems, I hope you enjoy them!

Band of Horses—"Is There a Ghost" (thanks Tiffanie Jurey)

The Civil Wars—"Falling," this one is so sad but so beautiful.

Daylights—"I Hope This Gets to You"—supposedly written for some girl and this guy hopes it will get to her virally and depends on viewers to get it to her. Gimmick to promote the piece? Maybe; doesn't change the fact that it's a great song with imaginative videography.

A Fine Frenzy—"Lost Things," an oldie but goodie (thanks Larka for showing this to me). By the way, she's gorgeous in the video but Alison Sudol is absolutely stunning in person.

Alex & Twitch on So You Think You Can Dance
(sorry, not allowed to embed)
Lil Jon & LM*AO—"Get Outta Your Mind," this video is sick; so much better than subjecting yourself to the original music video. I hope this also proves that I can get out of hipsterville and rough it up a little.

Postcard Project update: 26 postcards sent so far. Doria and Kristen, yours are on the way if they haven't arrived already!

Friday, March 11, 2011

One Great Thing Friday

Why, oh why can't I think of things like this myself? WANT!

Twenty-one postcards as of today. Plan to send three more today. Send me an e-mail if you'd like one: meg.m.schudel@gmail.com.

That's all. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Postcard Project: Update #2

Nine postcards with quality content as of today to nine wonderful people. About half of these are resends. Since I exhausted 20 of my Art Box postcards, I'll start in on a booklet of Monet and Salvatore Dalí ones I've had for a while to make up the difference. The Dalís are harder since some tend to be offended by his work...Grandma will be receiving Waterlilies, not The Enigma of William Tell.

I have 89 days to send the other 41 cards.

Don't hesitate to send your mailing address to megschudel@gmail.com if you'd like a card.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Postcard Project: Update #1

Good news: 20 of 50 postcards sent already.
The bad news: I just realized that the content of my postcards is rubbish. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I totally fell for quantity over quality. I feel like I never finish anything so when I conceived of this project, I was too eager to get 'er done than to do it right.
Sure, everyone likes getting mail, but I failed to put anything of value on the other side of the majority of these 20 cards (e.g., a meaningful quote, a memory, a personal note of what I appreciate about the recipient, etc.).
So now what?
Well, I have no other option but to harrass these same 20 individuals who have already received cards by resending them new cards with real, meaningful messages. As for the other 30 I have yet to send, I'll start now with being more intentional when I write them.
Why don't you just stop?
Because 1) I have tolerant friends who thus act as passive enablers 2) I have to finish something for once, 3) selfishly, I'm learning something about myself here, even if that something is, so far, mostly unflattering, and 4) despite my 20-card epic fail, I do have some pleasant things I want to share with the people I know/love and it's okay if even the second set postcards end up in people's trash bins with the other junk mail so long as I get a chance to pass on something potentially encouraging.
So keep you eye on the mailbox and don't hesitate to send your mailing address to megschudel@gmail.com if you'd like a card—admit it, you can't resist the ringing endorsement I've given myself in this update...