Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Postcard Project: Update #1

Good news: 20 of 50 postcards sent already.
The bad news: I just realized that the content of my postcards is rubbish. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I totally fell for quantity over quality. I feel like I never finish anything so when I conceived of this project, I was too eager to get 'er done than to do it right.
Sure, everyone likes getting mail, but I failed to put anything of value on the other side of the majority of these 20 cards (e.g., a meaningful quote, a memory, a personal note of what I appreciate about the recipient, etc.).
So now what?
Well, I have no other option but to harrass these same 20 individuals who have already received cards by resending them new cards with real, meaningful messages. As for the other 30 I have yet to send, I'll start now with being more intentional when I write them.
Why don't you just stop?
Because 1) I have tolerant friends who thus act as passive enablers 2) I have to finish something for once, 3) selfishly, I'm learning something about myself here, even if that something is, so far, mostly unflattering, and 4) despite my 20-card epic fail, I do have some pleasant things I want to share with the people I know/love and it's okay if even the second set postcards end up in people's trash bins with the other junk mail so long as I get a chance to pass on something potentially encouraging.
So keep you eye on the mailbox and don't hesitate to send your mailing address to if you'd like a card—admit it, you can't resist the ringing endorsement I've given myself in this update...


Doria said...

High fives for not giving up! :)

tiffany said...

Meg, I didn't know I was a part of an experiment! AWESOME!!! But seriously, I loved mine and it is displayed lovingly next to a few other cards/photos sent by friends above my dresser. Your mail always makes my day.