Friday, March 25, 2011

Postcard Project: Update #3

THE GOAL—Send 50 cards in 100 days to 50 different people
THE DEADLINE—June 6, 2011
THE PROGRESS—32 cards sent with 72 days to go
TOTAL COST—$14.00, I'm not counting cost of postcards originally because when something sits in your closet and goes to waste it loses its value. I bought the box of cards I'm using when I was in high school and for the 20 I prematurely sent and had to subsequently resend, I'm using a couple books of postcards I received as gifts. So the $14 comes from postage only.
HOW DO I GET ONE?—Simple, let me know you want one at or in the comments below

Rachel and Kelli, thanks a lot for reading and for your requests, you'll be receiving your cards sometime in the next week.

NEXT PROJECT: No hints yet other than to say it will be more intense than The Postcard Project. If you have any ideas for a project, I'm very impressionable and will probably be inclined to listen then act on any submission you might have.

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