Saturday, January 26, 2008

Personal goals, Personal best:

1) Read one book every two weeks, at least two of them in Spanish (26 books in 2008)
2) Develop some kind of regular schedule for doing devotions/having quiet time with God
3) Keep track of my "firsts", currently on the list: Making an omelette, negotiating 6 lanes of traffic, going to a movie by myself, learning how to spell croissant, working a 40+ hour week, drinking black coffee for a whole week
4) Learn yoga
5) By the end of this year, cook half the recipes from the NY bakery cookbook, Magnolia and perfect at least three of them
6) Walk/jog a 5k this Spring, jog a 5k this Summer, run a 5k end of Fall
7) Create at least one painting I can be proud of by the end of the year
8) Listen to Spanish radio stations to and from work every day
9) Make it through my "French for Dummies" CDs, master one of them
10) Save some money and buy a piano by Spring (finish mastering music from "Amelie")
11) Go to Mexico this summer
12) Write letters to loved ones once a month
13) MUST start drinking six glasses of water a day
14) Stop using cream in my coffee
15) Take a surfing lesson (one from my Great-Aunt counts, even if it is just boogie boarding...)
16) Draw
17) Find a fantastic church (pray about it)
18) Become a prayer warrior
19) Wear my hair down more often
20) Find new ways to introduce creativity into my life: take a different route to work, fill whole grocery basket with foods I've never tried before, doodle in the margins of books, ask others about who their favorite musicians are and find new artists to listen to.

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