Sunday, March 9, 2008

So much for Sunday morning...

So, I couldn't access my Internet last night (yes, Internet is capitalized), so I was forced to rely on the phone book to find a church to go to this morning and I really wanted to try somewhere I hadn't been before. So I got out "Lost Lucy" (name of my GPS device) to help me find the address listed under one that looked good and this morning I ventured forth.
I arrived in the dead-ghetto of Mira Mesa, and the church looked genuinely sketchy. So I used the GPS to find some other surrounding churches. It found one that wasn't going to start for another two hours and one that no longer holds services. I know it makes me a quitter, but after driving to my fourth church (ended up being Christian Science) I threw in the towel and did a GPS search for coffee houses nearby. It pulled up "Lestat's" (as in the vampire, named so because they stay open twenty four hours a day), which I'd heard was a cool place from people at work.

(Not the most flattering of photos, but adequately expresses my half-exasperation with the circumstances)

So here I am, sitting in Lestat's coffeeshop, paying homage to the damned (albeit, unwittingly) and--get this--sitting across from an underwear model.
Okay, I don't KNOW that he's actually an underwear model but Seriously the hansomest guy I've seen in a loooooong time, perhaps ever. He seriously looks like he tumbled out of some haute couture ad and landed at the table across from me. His perfect physiognomy is beautifully set off by his strong, square-jawed face complete with manly scruff and a sort of formidable brow with intense hooded eyes...not that I'm looking. Because I would never. Huh-uh.
UGH, what's a girl to do? I wish I could get a picture of him for you to see yourself, but that would be beyond the pale.
Okay, here's my solution. I will move seats in half an hour if he doesn't move before then and I brought "Mere Christianity" in what was apparently a moment of clairvoyance that I might somehow need the spiritual shot in the arm. I will proceed to read it after that half hour passes. Good plan.

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Anonymous said...

Meg! I didn't know you had this! I've missed our talks. And I am super jealous that you got to watch Rufus Wainwright! I have been a big fan of his since high school and the moulin rouge. are the best. I hope you find a church that is perfect for you.