Thursday, July 10, 2008

Editor's 911

Okay, so today I had a grammar question that even stumped my mentor, goddess of grammar, and I was in panic! So I looked up some grammar hotlines online. It's hilarious and awesome that there are actual hotlines for this; about one on every campus worth its salt. Anyway, I called up Purdue U and got a hold of "Tony." He had a nice voice and spoke to me of such things as clauses, structure, and participles. It was very hot. I started blushing and thanked him about five times consecutively out of nervousness. He laughed and told me to have a good day.

We'll probably get married.
And have four grammatically correct children.
And they'll never start their sentences with a conjunction, like their mother.


Brittney said...

Meg, I truly love your blog. It is so funny, interesting and witty.

I especially, enjoyed this article.... it made me giggle. It sounds like all is wonderful with you. Please visit Jesse and me the next time your back in the good old state of Nebraska.

God bless!

tiffany said...

BA! Ha! Ha!