Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Give More Presence

There's this fantastic event my church is holding this Sunday, they're putting on a church concert and "Christmas Shoppe" featuring items available for purchase to benefit different organizations and causes. I am so excited!! Of course the items are just gravy, the true fun is to know that one's money goes to a good cause. Obviously, most of you reading this won't have an opportunity to attend, but the good news is that everyone can give differently this year in his or her own way.

To motivate others to attend, Flood Church ran this film you'll see right away if you follow the link below. Please do so, I challenge you to be unmoved (besides, the graphic design ROCKS). Enjoy and consider ways we might challenge ourselves to give more of ourselves and less stuff; something I'm guilty of every year.

And yes, I did steal my post title from the video, I admit it.

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Benjamin said...

Crap! I have a lot of catching up to do! Working on it!