Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Have Found Handmade Nirvana

Etsy is the best thing since store-bought cookie dough.

My goal is to someday sell, but for now I'm just a fan and potential buyer.
There are lots of ways to shop. My favorite way is "by color":

You should check this linked page out just to see how amazing a Web page can be if nothing else.

You can always shop by editor's picks, those artists local to your community, by showcased items, "pounce" (shopping items that have just sold), or, of course, by category. There's also a "time machine" for those of us who love all things vintage.

(left: pinprick art on paper) For me, the most valuable thing offers is pure inspiration. It shows me concepts and beauty I hadn't and, arguably, couldn't have conceived of by myself. Etsy sells anything you can think of that's handmade, but consider them the next time you need an original baby gift (hats, blankies, outfits, toys), wall art, a new purse, handmade soaps, furniture, jewelry (especially this), or even an outfit you can be sure no one else will be wearing.
Finally, if you're overwhelmed by the variety or number of sellers, visit; she's got a great eye and finds the best stuff.

Live large, drink deep, and seek inspiration!

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