Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick Lit Snack

Just finished: Saturday with my brand spankin' new book club! I feel very privilaged to be a part of a selective book club made up of fun, dynamic women who love reading as much as I do. This was our last read by Ian McEwan (better known as the guy who did Atonement) and it wasn't so much a likeable book as it was thought-provoking, very well written, and carefully constructed. I never would've picked it for myself but I'm glad I read it; isn't that the whole purpose of belonging to a book club? So one can read those books that didn't quite make it onto one's own radar?

Currently reading three books, one more than the others: Raise the Red Lantern by Su Tong, Possession by A.S. Bryatt, and Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller.
I'm focused on reading Raise the Red Lantern right now as it's a shorty and I knew it would read pretty quickly since its translation from Chinese to English is pretty concise and straightforward. It's good, I appreciate it for its historical significance more than I do the story itself so far, but we'll see where it goes once I'm more than one-third of the way in.

Possession I've been working on since Christmas and it's fabulous but it's also a denser read than I've undertaken in a while. I've stopped reading it b/c I need to review what I've read already after taking a three-month break from it.

Searching for God Knows What might turn into a devotion book more than a read-for-pleasure book. Maybe a chapter a day some week or something. It's very good—certainly comparable to Blue Like Jazz which I'm still raving about, two years later.

What are you reading?

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Wordy McGee said...

Girl, you need to read you some "Manhood for Amateurs" by MIchael Chabon. It's a collection of essays you can devoure bite by delicious bite, at your leisure.
-Megan H.
PS: You're back in Nebraska now. Time to come visit KC, don't you think?