Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Fall is here and I can prove it:
1) First Husker game (and win) of the season was on Saturday. Sorry we wiped the floor with you, W. Kentucky, can't say you weren't warned!
2) Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Salted Carmel Hot Chocolates are at Starbucks. I've only indulged in the first so far but the second promises to be almost as heart-stoppingly delicious and bad for me as the first so it will happen soon.
3) Squashes are starting to show up at the Farmer's Market and the first crop of apples is sneaking into the grocery store and consequently being swarmed by apple loves (I got the last two honeycrisps on the stand last week).
4) I'm already getting the "winter reading itch" and plotting the books I'll read in Winter 2010/2011
5) The weather has necessitated runs back into the house for cardigans and sweaters
6) My favorite clothing Web sites have been advertising shooties (booties + shoes)

7) Peach pies are beginning to give way to apple pies soon (though, the peach pies were fantastic, if I may say so myself—I acheived a lattice top this year too).

8) I've revived my ghost story I'm writing and it's coming together plot wise—now I just have to write the dang thing.
9) Previews for scary movies are coming out; I tell myself I'll go to all of them but really end up just renting one of the not-so-scary ones six months later.
10) Halloween candy is out and I bought my mother a bag of mallowcream pumpkins yesterday.


Heather Lea said...

I love this post and I love that you're taking in every breath of your first fall back home. We love that you're here. Maybe we should go get one of those special autumn latte's together- this mama could use a yummy decaf snack. Let's plan something soon.

Love you.

Ashley said...

I was home two weeks ago and my mother came home from the store with butterfingers, "for halloween" (it was August). I adore your fall post and long for fall in Nebraska. Enjoy it Meg! Thanks for another great post!

tiffany said...

mmmm....I love mallowcream pumpkins.

Lindsey said...

This post is fabulous and it makes me miss you SO much! Can we go to Julian again and eat apple pie and watch the leaves change? I've been dreaming of that a lot lately. I miss our tea-drinking, knitting, movie days. xoxo