Friday, April 1, 2011

Postcard Project: DONE! (No Foolin')

THE GOAL—Send 50 cards in 100 days to 50 different people

THE DEADLINE—June 6, 2011, but finished 65 days early, April 1


TOTAL COST—$14.00 in postage

HOW DO I GET ONE?—You blew it. You can't get one now.
Actually, if still you want a postcard I'll be happy send you one, e-mail me your address at and I'll hook you up—I have some left over cards anyway.

CONCLUSION: I have a new appreciation for postcards. I like that there's no place for a return address on a postcard thus removing the obligation of responding to the sender.
I was very pleasantly surprised to receive some mail in return for the postcards! I didn't expect that and I received about five cards/postcards myself which was pretty great. Thank you, you know who you are!

WHAT NEXT?: Still considering some ideas. The rules are that the next project has to 1) benefit others in some way, 2) be realistic, and 3) be something that costs me effort and/or challenges me in some way. I'm going to take a little break, maybe for a week or so but you'll hear what I've got up my sleeve after that. I know millions are waiting with baited breath so I'll not dally too long.

Thanks to anyone following this project and for receiving my silly little postcards!


Doria said...

*high fives* Oh and btw... I never got my card, damn mail person... lol... :) Good luck with your next project..

Meg Schudel said...

Doria! I'm bummed out, I spent some time on that card. I'll send you another one. Thanks for letting me know and keep your eye out in the next couple weeks. Cheers!
(Thanks for the high fives too, you're sweet!)

Anonymous said...

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