Friday, February 15, 2008

The Edinator

Alright children, it's time for some quick and dirty tips for using more correct grammar, usage, and spelling. Pick up even one of these good habits, and what you write/say will become more polished!

Rule #1: "punctuation," in other words, punctuation ALWAYS belongs inside the quotation marks with the exception of the use of parentheses (case in point).

Rule #2: the word "OK" is only acceptable in three forms, including "OK," "O.K.," and "okay".

Rule #3: don't capitalize the first letter after a colon, this is an archaic and incorrect habit.

Rule #4: watch out for tricky words.
I work in the capitol building, and the money I make can be called capital.
The principle actor in the play was the principal of the school.
I have a compliment for you, your shoes complement your dress.
The nauseous sight of blood made me feel nauseated.
I have to drive farther to work, but I feel it will further my career.
*physical versus metaphorical
A lot of people think "a lot" is one word a lot of the time.

Rule #5: it's = a conjunction for "it is"
its = indicates possession
Its problem is that it's wrong.

Rule #6: "anyways" is NOT a word! ALWAYS use "anyway."

Rule #7: ever have trouble remembering whether the superlative of a word is simply adding an "-er" or an "-est?" Or if you should use "more" or "most?" General rule, if the word only has one syllable, you can usually simply add "-er" or "-est" as a suffix (note: there are a lot of exceptions to this but overall, this has served me well).

Please always feel free to correct any editing mistakes I might make.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my personal quick and dirty tips, but if you want to hear some from a true grammar queen, visit

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Anonymous said...

Meg! I didn't realize until today that you too are a blogger! AnywayS: I better go because its time for me to do alot of stuff right now and its not gonna happen by it'self.