Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chalk It Up to Experience

Not long ago, I challenged my dear friend Ben to go discover three things in his city, New York, before the end of October. He's held up one-third of his deal so far. Not to be outdone, I did the same.

The first of my three "discoveries" was the Chalk Art Festa in Little Italy (yes, festa, not fiesta). I took in the attractive Italian men, the art, and ate my very first cannoli. I concur with Clemenza, "Leave the gun, take the cannoli." I've read about artists who reject certain canvases if they aren't stretched tight enough, made out of just the right material, etc; these artists were infinitely more tolerant as they sketched around holes, bumps, and cracks to awesome effect. I hope you enjoy their fabulous creations as much as I did and, in the spirit of the upcoming election, I invite you to vote on your favorite chalk drawing!

I would've loved to stay and seen The Girl with the Pearl Earring come to fruition, but I would've had to stay a long time. Besides, just with what's there I thought she was stunning.

This lady was plucked from the audience so this Italian in full costume could cut a rug with her.

This adorable guy may not have looked like "Ole Blue Eyes," but he certainly crooned like Sinatra (I even spotted some old ladies swooning on the sidelines).


Benjamin said...

Good work! We need to get our asses in gear this weekend! I have my excursion planned, hope you do as well!

Totally love the chalk-art, reminds me of when I went and saw a graffiti park in Queens a couple of months ago...pretty amazing, and so great that they have a place to make their masterpieces without being arrested. I think I'll post some photos.

2/3 by next week?

Benjamin said...

Oh dear...I did forget to vote. Naturally, I choose the ballerina. Notice the overtones of Degas :)

Benjamin said...

PS - Does Halloween count as completing the challenge?

Megan said...


I believe we've only met once but I'm Leslie's friend Megan and I am wondering if you might do me an eeensy favor: I'm thinking of taking a trip to San Diego next spring or early summer. Do you have any recommendations for must-see attractions? I want your local's perspective. :)