Friday, October 3, 2008

Falling for Autumn Is Easy to Do

Theory: I am willing fall into existence in San Diego.

Proof: I have beautiful changing trees within the courtyards of my apartment complex so that I can look out my window and see bright red leaves against a brilliant blue sky. 'Tis a thing of beauty. Also, my parents are on their first visit to Niagra this week and I prayed VERY hard yesterday that my San Diego sun would be sent to them for the day (rain was predicted for most of their trip) and guess what? Contrary to all the weather reports Mom and Dad did receive sun yesterday and we have clouds! Amazing!

Truth: God is freaking amazing and no matter where I may or may not be in my faith walk right now--He still hears me and I really can't believe how good He is.

Other things that have brought me joy: the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, making a pact with myself that I will wear high heels at least twice a week, signing up for another 5k to support breast cancer awareness and forming a team to go with me, no joke--about 10 sightings of man capris in the past week, looking forward to seeing my dearest Sarah at the end of the month (!), compiling a new autumn playlist, a fantastic fall care package from my mom, two stories I'm working on, and a brand new beautiful leather journal I started Wednesday.


Benjamin said...

You're on. I'll even do what I can to post pictures, and seeing as I have placed myself on budget cuts, I will likely have to discover on-the-cheap :)

Also, I think regardless of which way the cookie crumbles, this election will leave one of us wanting to border-hop, so, want to split the difference and up and move to Mexico for the winter? Perfect our Spanish, get a nice tan, latin-dance the nights away? Then maybe hitchhike to Quebec in the spring...learn French, eat pastries, open a coffee house? Up to you ;)

Also, I just love a gal in heels! Keep up the good work!

Yours with a wandering mind,


Anonymous said...

I also love brand new leather journals. I love the feel of them in my hand. I love how the pen feels as I write on its thick but smooth pages.

jdejong said...

man capris! mis favoritos...por fin me registra para una "blogger name" para hacer comentarios en los blogs. (mi spanish es horrible ahora). -jess