Friday, May 1, 2009

As anyone reading this knows, I'm a coffee fiend, but if someone were to give me coffee that looked like this, I'd at least pause a moment before ingesting the delicious cuppa (don't hold the foam!).

A lot of us have seen coffee art like this...

...but I found the others to be pretty unique.

These were made using different strength brews like one would use watercolor paints. Can you find the coffee cup in each picture? (If you can't, I'd consider a visit to the optomotrist.

That's all! This is Meg Schudel, bringing you art in all it's unusual forms.

As an aside, I'm reading Rebecca and Screwtape Letters in case you were wondering which summer reads come first.


Benjamin said...

You're finally reading Scr. Typ. L's! Hurray! Let me know if I should try it!

Ally said...

Thanks for the comments on my jewelry post! I love this coffee foam art... never even knew that people could do such cool stuff with that!