Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is Daisy.

She was my father's 60th birthday present.

She smells good, makes baby puppy noises, and poops more than mammals ten times her size.

We had our pick of two pups and we chose the feisty one, though, she's catatonic in these pictures as I took them during her nap.

Her favorite food is celery cut into tiny, non-stringy chunks with peanut butter on them.

She's evens softer than she looks.

She's three pounds of love and misbehavior.


tiffany said...

I think Daisy is adorable. I do however question the comment that she smells good. I've yet to meet a good smelling dog. This I would like to see...er, smell?

Meg said...

I don't blame you for not believing me, Tiff but Nate Eigsti smelled the dog last night and out of left field was like, "oh wow, she smells nice" and proceeded to dig in his nose.

That's proof enough for me.
Stop being a stranger and let's chat for reos.

Love love

Heather Lea said...

AND she's Charlie's new best play buddy. Bring her back soon- some day when she's beyond hyper and they can romp it out in the yard. (In a completely platonic fashion.).

I didn't know if the period goes inside our outside, so I put both. And you're the only friend for whom I'd even think about this. :)