Friday, May 14, 2010

Five Great Things Friday

R ecently, I became aware of "The Daily Drop Cap," a Web site devoted to supplying artful capital letters with which one can begin a line of text. This development is thanks to Suzanne's wonderful blog, a graphic designer in Kansas City whom I idolize more than a little and whose life I greatly covet. I don't know her well but I very much wish I did. Cheers to you, Suzy!

Today I share some magnificent new Web sites that have made my life more fun, here are your five great things:
1) from Our Best Bites, single serving pie! I want to make these for a homey, summer soiree I plan to hold soon where we'll wear plaid, eat fresh produce and eat pie from a jar (I hope I can find bigger jars though, not gonna lie).

2) This is a fantatic idea for preventing your cords from sliding off your desk which is a daily occurrence and longer!

3) This is adorable. Wish I'd thought of it and would love to have something like this at an ethnic dinner party—flags of the world constructed out of foods indigenous to their respective countries.

4) The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun seem like a good start to the weekend. (Sorry, it's cut off a little, but I can't figure out the coding to make the perimeters bigger, resizing the width isn't working.)

5) Finally, a bittersweet one for all of us who live far from the ocean, I went on a free, mental vacation to these sandy beaches and was most sorry to return to reality. I knew about red, black, and white sand, but didn't know that there were beaches made from purple, pink, green, and even glass pebbles. Enjoy and send me a mental postcard!

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