Friday, June 25, 2010

Limited Inspiration

I've never worked so hard in my life at a job. I find this leaves me with fewer creative reserves than usual but I defy the corporate creativity thief! It can have my left brain, but not my right.
Here are five things that make me happy and still give me a little right brain buzz:
I want this for Christmas

This too.

And this (looks like corporate has made me very greedy indeed). "This bookshelf called Hold On Tight by Colleen & Eric took my breath away. It comes with an integrated bookend (a cube with an oversized wing-nut that you can loosen and slide on a track to make room for more books). It’s minimal and brilliant. Make that cube white or red and I am in heaven." –Swiss Miss

Love love love love love, I would kill to design like this:

Our dog, Daisy needs one of these.

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Alison Nicole said...

Love the dog 'staches!!!