Friday, July 23, 2010

Girl Gone Wild

I'm headed to the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado for a full week! My parents and I will begin the trek tomorrow morning and I have a challenge for myself: (deep breath) I am not going to use the Internet for one week. Not gasping? Have you ever tried to live a week without the Internet since you knew what the World Wide Web was? This is going to be very hard. No online music, no Facebook, e-mail, online news, no stock photos for my graphic design projects, and, of course, no blogging.
Furthermore, I plan to keep my phone off all day long every day except for one hour in the evening. Not that I intecept a ton of calls or anything, but it will help me escape from the wireless prison I keep myself in at work and home. I might go a little nuts.
I will be using my computer as a natural outlet for my creativity is graphic design and I would be bereft without it. Other diversions include books: One Day, Sophie's World (for the umpteenth time), Searching for God Knows What, Possession which I need to finish, and my Bible; journal; sketchbook; stationary; and movies (but no TV is allowed either—will get news from the newspaper).
I don't feel I've ever really earned a vacation before this but now I am confident I have; I'm appreciating what a gift this time away from work and distractions will be and I will let you know if I get cabin fever in the mountains sans technology.
Have a GREAT week and I'll look forward to catching up on your blogs (for bloggers reading this) when I return!

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Wordy McGee said...

Meg, have a greeeeaaaat time. I know you will. That mountain air will cause you to forget what the internetz even are.
-Megan H.