Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspired—Jessica Hische


have been inspired by Jessica Hische's daily drop cap project for a long time but I didn't admire her for more than her art until I heard this interview with her. I was suprised how wise this young designer was and how well she articulated what I love about graphic design.

Art In The Age Presents... Jessica Hische from Art In The Age on Vimeo.

She talks about how she did the art school thing but that she was less into self-expression and more into design because "it was about solving problems and communication" which is exactly why I love design. I don't desire to free form, I desire to beautify and aesthetically improve the world around me. She also talks about how the "death of print" is really just the death of unnecessary print, which is something I can completely get behind as well.
Enjoy this sampling of her brilliant work!

Describe your design in one sentence.
“Jessica Hische’s work combines equal parts design, typography, illustration, brown sugar, and heavy cream.” (Thanks, Jason from the Heads of State, for that one!)

What other designers / illustrators inspire you?
So many its hard to say. I have a major design crush on Marion Bantjes and a brain/concept crush on Christoph Niemann (you should reread the illustrated article he did for Print a few years back (2005? 2006?) on being an illustrator). I have a really talented group of friends that also keep my motivation high. I see work every day on sites like ffffound, the dieline, etc. that makes me seethe with jealousy. Envy can be a big motivator.

(Now I want to buy Marion Bantjes' book, I Wonder.)

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