Monday, April 21, 2008

Failure to Launch No Longer

Having spent a long weekend with my dearest friend Sarah, I'm inspiried to take full advantage of my situation. Therefore, I resolve to:
1) Meet my upstairs neighbor and establish what hours it would be polite to engage in piano playing
2) Once a week, find a new coffee shop to do my leisure reading in the evenings
3) Discover new walk/jogging paths
4) Sign up for a 5k race
5) Cook/bake something new every week (probably based on Linda's recipes which she so diligently posts)
6) Watch at least one sunset on the beach every week
7) Go to a Museum every two weeks
8) Attend one event in the city every month (this weekend, Art Walk in Little Italy!)
9) Continue to pursue finding a church where I can comfortably and enthusiastically worship
10) Pursue mission work with Melissa in Tijuana, para practicar mi espanol y ayudar la gente de bajos recursos

This list stems from a constructive planning/advisory session with the wiser-than-she-thinks Sarah Knudsen. I already miss her sunny-side-up outlook, her effervescent personality, and bubbly laugh so much--but having spent this stolen time with her, I'm left refreshed and empowered. Thanks Kiddo.


Heather Lea said...

sounds good- let me know how I can be praying- what I can do to inspire and encourage. Love you, girl.

Alison Selig said...

Sarah is wonderful like that, isn't she. It was nice to chat for a moment today. Thinking about you as always. Love reading your thoughts. Talk to you soon.

Benjamin said...

What a great list! I hope you wear yourself out getting it all accomplished :)

I haven't seen the movie, but I hope to soon. The book was g-r-e-a-t GREAT! I'm pretty sure you'll have even more inappropriate fits of laughter in awkward public places than I's a good one for that.

Miss ya millions!