Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Life To-Do List

A woman at my work has a "Life To-Do List" and I couldn't BELIEVE I hadn't thought to make one yet! So here's a short (and non-personal) list of some things I must do before I take my leave of this world. NOTE: If you've done any of these things, please comment and let me know how it went, I'd love to read about your experience!

-Glide down Venice's Grand Canal in a gondola
-Visit every U.S. state (18 to go)
-Do a cartwheel
-Write and publish a play, book, or story
-Learn French (Have my "French for Dummys" CDs in the car)
-Buy an opal in Australia, then wear it to a performance at the Sydney Opera House

-Run a half marathon
-Make every recipe out of the Magnolia Bakery cookbook (albeit a little counter productive to the marathon...)
-Commission a painting
-Live in France for a spell, maybe raise my daughter there for a year or two to establish her in the language

-Read 100 books in a year (only about two a week, no prob!)
-Wear a dress designed by Sarah Knudsen
-Return to Barcelona
-Climb a mountain (a smallish, safe one, I hate heights)

-Conquer my fear of spiders (I'm on my way! Now that I live alone, my choices are to kill the spider myself or to wait for it to stealthily crawl into bed with me later! So I kill.)
-Traverse the Great Wall of China
-Work in a coffee shop
-Read the entire Bible in Spanish

-Become a wine aficionado
-Read everything ever written by C.S. Lewis
-Go blonde
-Hike Machu Picchu (before it crumbles away!)
-Try surfing, for the hilarity of seeing me try to balance on a slab of styrofoam if nothing else
-Ride a mechanical bull

-Stay in an ice hotel

-Work in a book store
-Learn Italian
-See the Taj Mahal
-Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks, Salvatore Ferragamos, or (best yet) vintage Roger Vivier

-Learn to juggle
-Practice a Chopin until it's performance-ready (working on Prelude No. 15 in D-flat Major 'Raindrop')
-Become fluent in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator and create something beautiful
-Learn to play the guitar
-Watch a space shuttle launch onsite
-Send a message in a bottle and give it to the ocean
-Party in Rio at Carnival
-Have a bowl of shark soup
-Find the absolute perfect white T-shirt (then buy 10 of them)
Two new firsts! First parking ticket in San Diego (I was EIGHT MINUTES LATE), and another new fruit! My first blood orange, in honor of Alison b/c last night I promised her I'd try another new fruit. I've had blood orange before as an ingredient, but never on its own as a whole fruit. It's in my lunchbag, I'll let you know how it is.


Anonymous said...

Did the gondola thing... we had to beg, I mean BEG a gondolier to take us out because Italy was playing England in a soccer game that night and none of them wanted to miss any of the game.

Alison Selig said...

Good choice on the fruit. Did the gondola thing too... expensive, but well worth it when in Venice. I hope we can go together!

tiffany said...

Great wall of china...While driving to it on the bus, I yelled at smaller, far inferior walls (out the bus window) that they weren't that "Great." Um...memorable. Everything in China is so ancient and the magnitude of standing on something constructed and guarded almost 9 thousand years prior kind of puts one in one's place. We're pretty small beings, hoping to make a difference. Anyway, I would say 'do it' it's quite the workout to climb.