Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No pictures, please

The Scene
Sarah and I are walking around La Jolla, inland a little where all the high-end shops are where all we can afford are the business cards, and Sarah comes upon a seagull perched on a round, marble water feature in front of a restaurant, slowly waddling away from the top placing it at a precarious angle which is hilarious to behold.

Enter man in black
Creepy guy (who coincidentally looks a lot like a waiter): Excuse me, Ma'am? You're not allowed to take pictures of the seagulls.
Meg: (laughs a little but quietly so the charade can be carried out at her darling friend's expense and knowing enough about men in California to know that this is some bizarre come on from man in black)
Sarah: (yanking the camera to waist level) "Oh, I'm really sorry, I just thought he looked..."
Meg: You're not serious (to man in black upon observing the alarm in Sarah's face)
Creepy: Well I don't know, you guys aren't from around here, are you? (smarminess ensues)
Sarah: Well she is (pointing to me), I'm not.
Creepy: Where are you from?
Sarah: Nebraska.
Creepy: Oh, I'm sorry (with intonation that clearly smacked of sarcasm and pity).
Sarah: (With an admirably defiant tone) Why are you sorry? I'm not!

Creepy guy tries to make graceful exit, fails, Sarah and I duck into Tommy Bahama and laugh about the incident. I think we ultimately decided that it was a good thing NE has such a bad rep, or else creeps like that guy might be tempted to visit.



tiffany said...

I love it! I agree that maybe the Kearney Arch isn't so bad after all. ;)

Meg said...

Whoa, let's not get carried away here...maybe if they'd picked A theme instead of 10, it wouldn't be a monstrosity.
All in all, I appreciate the sentiment though