Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bookin' It

So I've kicked off summer reading with three girly period pieces, I might be ready for some more manly reads soon! However, I've one more girly period piece on my list before moving on, I'm reading Wives and Daughters with my beloved Aunt Sarah.
1) The Woman in White, it was one of the more verbose reads I've had in a long while, but it was actually really entertaining! It was written by Wilkie Collins and is considered one of the first sensationalist novels with it's melodramatic themes, characters, and circumstances. Very fun for an old read, I liked how all the characters ended up and the writing was gothic and yummy.

2) Just finished Rebecca, and was MOST disappointed. I had huge hopes for this book, it read well and had a nice writing style but nothing to write home about or anything. I've waited a long time to read this novel as I'd really been hoping to savor it; now I'm just glad it's behind me, thanks anyway Daphne Du Maurier!

3) Am wrapping up The Thirteenth Tale which is FABULOUS, it's such a fun read, beautifully spun yarn with all kinds of unpredictable twists and turns without causing the reader to get lost.

Purely for your enjoyment, this is what I get for trying to look cute during book photos:

1) Camera goes off the same moment I realize glasses are tangled terrifically in my hair.

2) ...nevermind, the rest are pretty self-explanatory.


Benjamin said...

I think I read Rebecca when I was +/- 11 years old. As I recall, it was worth a lot of Accelerated Reader points and left me longing for the Hardy Boys.

You're still getting things stuck in your hair. Sunglasses have always been the usual suspect, but you appear to have branched out. Oddly, I miss untangling your knots Meggit.

tiffany said...

Can I say how much I love having you as a friend! The photos made me chuckle.

Davenport Dame said...

Glad to see the lovely "book-in-hand" shots with this one. You must be a reading fool! I still haven't got my reading groove on this summer.