Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meg, Better, Best

(Serious, contemplative blog post ensues; will do something fun next week.)

Sometimes I feel like a superlative, much of the time I feel like just plain Meg. I'm built up and encouraged and told I'm amazing (thank you, by the way--I don't take your compliments lightly), but those people don't see my icky stuff. Living alone especially lends itself well to the icky stuff. Why, for example, is my bed unmade 300 days of the calendar year? Why do I sometimes knowingly go to bed without brushing my teeth (at least three times a month)? Why can't I finish my story, my piano piece, my workout goal, my bible readings, etc?

I've been told I'm too hard on myself. If that's true, why did I quit the gym? Why is my painting still unfinished? Why has the bread set out for three days instead of going back in the freezer where it will keep? Why are my letters to loved ones still unsent?

These are just the "gravy" bits too, the meat and potatoes of being an adult: bills, car stuff, work-related items, budgets, groceries, nobody tells you how much of your time that will take up. It's kind of fun...when you're caught up. The second you let one slip though, the whole kitten kaboodle goes out the window and you spend the next six months catching up.

So fix it. Seems simple, right?

I need a plan. Here goes:

1) Will go on a fast of only natural foods: primarily fruits and veggies, lean meat, limited bread, fiber-rich carbs, and some healthy recipes I can cook up and freeze over the weekend for weekday lunches.
2) Will find a minimum of two classes at the gym I'll attend regularly.
3) Will give my remote control to my friend, Blake. He'll get the biggest kick out of my insanity while keeping me accountable.
4) Read my one-year Bible daily again, catch up (I'm currently on the end of April...I've got some reading to do).
5) Sign up for a 5k and start training at Mission Bay.
6) Finish my acrylic painting: deadline is mid-July.
7) Learn and perfect only one new song on the piano.
8) Block out 20 minutes before bedtime every night to clean up my apartment, I won't have to go any longer than that, but I can't go any less.
9) Will work on my second job editing on certain nights of the week and for a set number of hours over the weekend in my home so I don't spend extra money on coffee shop nonsense costs.
10) Will get up 15 minutes earlier everyday to do morning bible reading AND take 15 minutes of my lunch breaks for reading it too (take second copy of one-year Bible to work).

Well, that should get me started. Sorry to any readers who are disappointed by my dull blog post this week; but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.


Heather Lea said...

I'm excited for you, and I'm going to ask you how it's going. You CAN and you WILL do these things. You just have to decide. And it looks like you've got a really good start. :) LOVE YOU!!!! Call me anytime....seriously.

Benjamin said...

But, hang on to something! I've learned that life is not worth living without a carefully selected indulgence.

Larka said...

This was not boring at all. Wish I was there to do this together. I love the feeling of finally being able to check off the things that have been waiting in the wings. I get on myself for being slow and not following through. It feels good to make the goals but terrible to let yourself down.
A good friend told me do something small each day. I have tried to change from being dissapointed when I fail too many of them but instead writing down the small choices I did make and putting a star or smily face beside them. I want to shed the guilt and bring on the celebration. You speak my language chica.
Love Larka
(Forgot my blogger id, been too long)