Friday, August 7, 2009

Five Great Things Friday

We're going to start a new tradition of "Five Great Things Fridays" where I will divulge five things I think are pretty great. This week, I'm going to share five finds on that have inspired me to be more creative:

1) Cutest robot since Wall-e, his name is Max.

2) The room is over-the-top, and I'm not sure why there are feather boas trying to escape from under the bed, but I LOVE this canopy bed.

3) I enjoy this piece not just for its subject, but because it shows how effective it is to layer different media. It takes one out of the flat canvas mentality and expands the possibilities.

3) The artist who did this pillow wants more than $100 for it, but after successfully creating a felt fascinator last week, I have a suspicion that I might be handy with other felt crafts too; I fully intend to try my hand at something similar to what you see here.

4) Something I cannot and will not attempt but admire nonetheless; these sea urchin bowls are painstakingly handmade and I think they're amazing. In San Diego, we have restaurants that serve cooked sea urchin still in its deep purple spiny shell. I'm going to try some before the year is out.

5) Finally, my favorite, I would give up chocolate for life to have this chair and ottoman; it's sort of Charles Eames meets Andy Warhol and I'm in love with it.[]=tags&includes[]=title

Have a great weekend!

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L the mom said...

Give up chocolate for life?? Be careful throwing around comments like that! Chocolate deserves more....nuff said.