Friday, August 21, 2009

Five Great Things Friday

So I missed last week, but that just gave me extra time to find five great things!
1) I love this idea, after having white walls for so long (which have served me well), in my next space I'm looking forwad to splashing brilliant colors on my walls and perhaps investing in some great decals like these.
2) I'm obsessed with Fiesta ware; the great colors with the retro shapes make me very happy. I want this little creamer (no sugar bowl needed...I don't take sugar with my coffee!).
3) Shifting to something more refined, I love this idea for a necklace.

4) These shoes speak for themselves. Super cute, handmade flats.

5)I will own a typewriter someday. It's like a computer sans distractions. Envision this little cutie on a desk with fresh flowers, a cup of coffee, a dictionary/thesaurus and me writing (no cell phones or internet necessary).

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