Monday, August 31, 2009

A Folky Farewell

My friend Katie is moving to the East coast tomorrow (Katie if you read this, I send you with lots of blessings and I know you'll be great!), but before she'd gone, she went out in style.

At the sweetest house in San Diego, a organic-food, folky, family event took place Sunday night where all-natural, organic foods adorned the table as the meal and the decorations and we wore rosemary in our pockets and wildflowers in our hair.

Lots of thanks to Lindsey and Sarah for opening their home to us, it's one of my favorite places in all San Diego to be.

Katie did some work on La Milpa farm outside of Escondido, CA and learned all about organic farming, canning, and beekeeping. I'm super jealous of her experience but plan to attend one of their potluck dinners they hold every third Saturday of the month. If you're reading this and in S.D., let's head out there September 19 for a community dinner and an al fresco movie under the stars!

This adorable couple and I had the best conversation about why organic food growing is advantageous; thanks Beth and Shannon for being amazing and teaching me so much!

My girls, Lindsey and Tina are the best!

NOTE: The two large, centered photos aren't mine, a guy at the party did 'em.

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Benjamin said...

I caught these photos on facebook and loved them! Looks like such a warm, festive affair :)