Thursday, January 7, 2010

Five Great Things Friday: I Want Candy!

One of my new year's resolutions is to be more playful, even in decorating! I love all five of these not-too-expensive, candy-colored ideas. Feel free to comment on which one you think is best (or worst) and enjoy!:

1) These decorative hexapods just make me happy. I would take a slab of plexiglass and put it over the tops of them to make little tables (I could even strap the plexiglass on through the bars of the pod with brightly colored yarn). I even thought of hanging them from a hook from the ceiling (taking it a step futher, I could hang a bulb in the middle of them and cover the outside with tissue for a soft glow)...the possibilties are endless!

2) It's no pipedream, these industrial-chic vases can be a cheap DIY project! Go to Apartment Therapy to find out how.

3) I imagine the warm glow this would give a room and it's a nice pop of color for just $17. Comes in other colors and patterns.

4) I've broken a lot of glass in my life so I swear by acrylic tumblers in my kitchen. Mine have been with me for over two years now though, so when it comes time to upgrade, I'll head to Target and get one of these lovelies, just $20 for a set of six:

4) Want want WANT WANT! "What is it?," you ask? It's a pantry queen! You stick foil, waxed paper, cellophane in each of the two compartments and the pantry queen will cut it for you with her razor-sharp teeth. I love the creamy, avocado color too. For $30, it's not so bad. Keep shopping and support artists!

5) Still too steep? For those of us who are totally broke after the holidays (I'm with ya), how about a free, up-cycle project? Find out how you can make a pretty cheap, pretty cute table covering!

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