Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frothy New Year

My coworkers and I are, in a word, obsessed with a gadget that cost $1.99 proving all over again that it truly is the little things in life.
At approximately 8:30 a.m. we gathered en mass in the lunch room; a circle of adults eagerly clutching their coffee mugs stood around a single beaming twenty something holding a magic wand: an Ikea battery-operated milk frother.
The twenty-something coworker graciously allowed a new member of the froth society into the circle; our thirty-something coworker had asked for the little gem for Christmas and we could now make office not-lattes at twice the haste as we could before. I even have one of these stupid things at home (bought at $12.00...flippin' gourmet food stores...) and have had since May but the magic lies in the dreamy looks on my colleagues' faces as the oxidized milk doubles, triples in height.
Meg: "Look at how big it gets!"
Steph/Christy/Todd: "That's what she said!" (snickers and snorts ensue)
Meg: (admonishingly) "Stay classy, San Diego." (frowns and leaves)

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